Unit Flash 2 Bde Communications and Information Services Company - Reserve

Who are we?

We are the reserve platoon of 2 Bde Communications & Information Services (CIS) Company of the Irish Defence Forces. We provide voice and data communications to units of the 2 Eastern Brigade in support of exercises, competitions and ceremonial occasions

In 1941 the 11 Communications Battalion of the LDF was formed as part of Irelands response to the Second World War. At the end of the war the LDF was disbanded and replaced by the FCA resulting in the formation of the 11 Field Signal Company on 1st April 1946. In 1998 the unit name changed to 11 Field CIS Company. Most recently the reorganisation of the FCA into the RDF in 2005 resulted in the unit being renamed the 62 Reserve Field CIS Company. In 2013 the unit was integated into 2 Bde CIS Coy as its reserve platoon.


Centralised recruiting is scheduled to recommence in the first half of 2014

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